Recorded Dec. 2008 in Brussels (B). Released March 2010, Mons records MR 874495

Ivan Paduart & The Metropole Orchestra
Conductor: Jim McNeely

Ivan Paduart (piano & compositions)
Bob Malach (tenor sax)
Fay Claassen vocals)

Arrangements as indicated

Waterfalls (M.Herr)
Another lifetime (M.Herr)
Life As It Is (M.Herr)
Melancholy Blue (J.McNeely)
The Bridge Between Us Two (B.Joris)
I Had A Ball (I.Paduart)
Igor (J.McNeely)
Shivers Down My Back (M.Herr)
Sherry On A Cake (M.Herr)
Crush (I.Paduart)
White Nights (I.Paduart)
Precious Moments (M.Herr)