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“…The elegance of Ivan Paduart’s idiom, his innate refinement and his thoughtful serenity increasingly point to his leading position on the music scene, on a worldwide scale …” Marc Danval (Le Soir Magazine / 14/07/04)

“…Paduart composes superb melodies. This skill has developed on successive albums ever since he gave free rein to his acoustic side. His crystal clear improvisations are an invitation to explore the universe of jazz…” Bernard Legros (Jazz@round / September ’96)

“…Ivan Paduart is perhaps our country’ s most promising pianist…” Luc De Baets (Jazz Halo / ’97)

“…I would be tempted to say that this is Ivan Paduart’ s best record were I not already impatient for the next one !…” (re “White nights”) Jean-marie Hacquier (Jazz Hot / April ’97)

“…For the sake of comparison, one would have no hesitation in saying that there is clearly more pleasure to be gained from listening to Ivan Paduart’ s trio than to the latest Keith Jarrett trio…” Philippe Cornet (Le Vif/l’Express 30/11/01)

“…His music seems light, fluid, ethereal, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes evanescent. It exudes a somewhat saturnine tranquillity that is reminiscent of the drawings of French artist Jacques de Loustal…” Pierre Dulieu (Pick of the Month / April 2000)

“…Deeply rooted in tradition, his class and talent make him the perfect catalyst for many a group…” Luc De Baets (Jazzmozaïek / 05/12/01)

“…A prolific composer and a soloist with a sensitive touch, he is well-known for his boundless gentleness; his music lies at the crossroads between a romantic, classical flavour and the boundless reaches of exciting improvisation…” Pierre Dulieu (Pick of the Month/ February 2002)
“…Both as a pianist and as a composer, Ivan Paduart has confirmed his position at the top of the league in Belgium…” Luc De Baets (Jazz Halo 25/09/98)

“…Ivan Paduart has earned a reputation as a skilful and innovative pianist…” Mike Curtis (Movin’ Music / February 2003)

“… Ivan Paduart has rapidly succeeded in ranking high among the best of European jazz pianists…” Marco Scheffers (Onstage / 12/12/02)

“…An incomparable composer and melodist…” Etienne Payen (Zicline / 25/05/03)

“…Being a refined person, Ivan Paduart has not made the mistake of keeping an outdated idiom and has, from the outset, had a European focus. His classical training has made him an impressionist of jazz who is resolutely turned towards the future but steers clear of the pitfalls thanks to a visceral attachment to traditional values…” Marc Danval (Le Soir Magazine / 04/06/03)

“In Exile Of Dreams ”
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“A Night In Tokyo”

“Folies Douces”

“Trio Live”


“A night at the Music Village”

“Blue Landscapes”

“Douces Illusions”