In Exile of Dreams

In Exile Of Dreams
Recorded at Crescendo studio (B) except “Crossroads” & “Melancholy Blue” Recorded at E-Sound studio (NL)



Ivan Paduart (piano, synth.)
Fay Claassen (vocals)
David Linx (vocals)
Toon Roos (tenor and soprano sax)
Philippe Aerts (double bass)
Bart De Nolf (bass on “Crossroads”)
Joost van Schaik (drums)


Waterfalls (I.Paduart/D.Linx)
Melancholy Blue (I.Paduart/Kasa)
Clair Obscur (I.Paduart)
The Bridge Between Us Two – part1 (I.Paduart/D.Linx)
-Part 2
-Part 3
Arvo (I.Paduart)
In Exile Of Dreams (I.Paduart/D.Linx)
Stara Latarnia (D.Wissels)
Crossroads (I.Paduart/D.Linx)
Thoughts Of You (T.Roos)